Client Login

10 Steps to Setting up Account Access:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Sign Up” and have the 8-digit account # for any of your accounts ready.
  3. Answer the security questions. If you answer correctly and it will not allow access, contact support at 1-877-488-3748 (reference you are a FCC/Nations client).
  4. Additional Accounts – For your convenience we can do this for you after set-up.
  5.  Create User ID and Password (make sure the ID is different than any prior one used with First Clearing). 
  6. Once created, click “Login” and use the new User ID and Password
  7. You will be asked to create 3 new security questions.
  8. Click on “Get Started” in the Welcome page.
  9. Click on all the boxes for the Online Agreement and hit “Submit”
  10. Now that you’re logged in you can now link up your other accounts and choose paperless options.  If you need help with this, let us know.

Note:  If you do call online Access support at 1-877-488-3748 please reference you are First Clearing/Nations client.