Investment Philosophy


 At RAO Wealth Partners, our mission is to deliver alpha-generating strategies based on our core investment tenets: Quality Companies with Strong Valuation and Momentum.

We start our stock selection using fundamental research from some of the top global research firms examining over 2,000 of the largest companies. Individual stocks are then evaluated based on a financial metrics including revenue growth, balance sheet strength, profit margin. 

We then apply an exhaustive study of the technical characteristics that attract both value and growth, and this research forms the basis of every portfolio we offer. Our strategy appeals to common sense investing and our stock selection is done in a logical, unemotional way: We buy quality companies with strong valuation and momentum.

We do not seek to deviate from our strategy as our analysis enables us to enhance profitably by applying a rigorous discipline to trading decisions. We believe that many money managers underperform their benchmarks because of their inherent inability to separate themselves from the emotions that often cloud good decision-making. Furthermore, unlike typical money managers our process also includes a firm sell discipline which aims to curb downside participation in the markets.