Physicians & Dentists

At Rao Wealth Partners, we understand the long hours you put into running a busy practice. You spend long days nobly serving patients and their families – you shouldn't also have to worry about managing your investments. With issues such as healthcare reform, rising malpractice premiums and reduced revenues, it is imperative to make smart financial decisions.

You may often feel overwhelmed by the great demands on your time and know you don’t delegate enough time to effectively address the critical financial issues at hand, including protecting your assets from liability risk, tax planning, managing cash flow, mitigating the effects of healthcare cutbacks, managing education debt, valuating a practice for purchase or sale and, ultimately, achieving financial independence.

You can rely on us to provide high-level expertise and advice for your financial matters and the needs of your practice. We can serve as your trusted partner to help manage your investments and mitigate your tax burden, while also addressing key issues such as estate planning, generational wealth transfer and your philanthropic efforts.